Here are a few sites you might find interesting 

[Note: The presence of a link on this page does not automatically infer that we support the doctrine found on the site. In fact, we do not agree with some of these sites, yet their content is interesting. If you find anything that is destructive, please let us know and I will pull the link. Thanks]:

The Berean Call - Dave Hunt: Solid, discerning doctrine, commentary and warnings to the church.

PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries Christian Study Materials - Shows how psychology is in direct opposition to God's Word. Also information on why so-called Biblical Counseling does not correct the problem.

New Testament Restoration Foundation - House Church site with interesting material.

House Church Central - Resources for house churches.

Living TRUTH - House church material.

The Reading Room - House church articles.

Brethren Online - Brethren site with a lot of information on Church history and doctrine,

Not Forsaking the Episunagoge - Very interesting study the "gathering together" in Hebrews 10:25.

Just for Catholics - Questions and Biblical answers for Catholics

Reaching Catholics - Compares tradition and teaching of the RCC to Scripture with many articles.

Tower of Truth - Material for witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses.

JWFacts - Facts about Jehovah's Witnesses.

Biblical Discernment Ministries  - Miesel: Fundamental Baptist site. Sometimes makes tenuous connections and can be dogmatic concerning things that are not Scripturally mandated, but some very good information.

Hall of Church History - Mostly mainstream, reformed viewpoint, but some information available on early Sepratists.

Watchman Fellowship - Discernment site.

Rapture Ready - Great source for Pre-tribulation Rapture material and news.

Grace Through Faith - Jack Kelly's excellent site with essays, questions answered and even several free books in pdf, epub and mobi formats!

The Omega Letter - Prephecy, news, current events and other things of interest.

Lamb and Lion Ministries - Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones. Prophesy ministry and "Christ in Prophecy" television show.

Rapture Forums - Place for discussions with like-minded people

Prophesy Update - Relevant news and current events

Prophesy News Watch - Newsletter - current events

Cutting Edge - News Updates

Pre Tribulation Rapture Links - Ditto.

Bible Study Tools - Lots of study tools at

The Spurgeon Archive  Spurgeon's Sermons

Religious Information Source - BELIEVE - Encyclopedic source of information. Tries to stay objective. Mainstream viewpoint.

Jeremiah Project-Christian Apologetics and Bible Prophecy - Prophecy, politics, and Christian living. Sometimes very interesting. Other times way out there!

The Moorings - Bible studies and apologetics

Creation-Science Research Center - Solid for information to counter THEORY of evolution.

Archaeology and the Bible - Resources and articles for those interested in proof that the Bible is God's Word.

The Greek New Testament Gateway - Site to get you started learning New Testament Greek.

Learning New Testament Greek - The name says it all.

BIBLESOFT -- Creators of PC Study Bible - This is the best Bible software, and they've just added parsing guide to their Interlinear! [Note: THEY LISTEN TO CUSTOMER SUGGESTIONS!] Also, Kevin has met met some of their people and he was struck by their sincere love for the Word. (It can get pretty expensive, however. If you search the web you can sometimes find good discounts.)

Free Audio Bible Downloads - A ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing, a worthy organization bringing the spoken Word to those without a Bible.

E-Sword - Absolutely free Bible and Bible study resources for your computer. There are many free Bible versions and helps like Bible dictionaries, language helps and commentaries. There are also versions and helps that you can pay for. (Also note that you can get more modules and a module installer here: Bible Support Module Installer.)