Courageous Man

Performed June 1996. I'm still hearing about this one.

Day Title Links
Monday Courageous Man and The Basis For Courage
Tuesday Courageous Man and The Bully
Wednesday Courageous Man, Growing Courageous
Thursday Courageous Man and Walking the Talk
Friday Courageous Man and the Distractions

Note: For the Friday night closing program, the "Pastor" did an interview of Courageous Man. It was completely improvised, and there are no existent copies of that interview, that I am aware of.

The Courageous Knight

Performed July 2000

Day Title Links
Monday The Courageous Knight: To Be Forgiven
Tuesday The Courageous Knight: The Power
Wednesday The Courageous Knight: Someone Who Knows
Thursday The Courageous Knight: There Is Only One
Friday The Courageous Knight: If You Love Me
Friday Night The Courageous Knight: Epilog - Song of Courage
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