Song Lyrics/Chords

Ministry is to be performed freely; that is our conviction. In keeping with that conviction, we are providing the lyrics, chords (in most cases) and MP3's for songs that Kevin has written. Most, if not all of these have been performed in public, and people have asked us for copies. Use them as you will.

(MP3's can be found HERE.)

  Filename Song Title Lyrics - L
 /w Chords - C
  Box.PDF  Church In A Box C Worldliness in the professing Church
  Constant.PDF Constantly Abiding L Amid uncertainties, trust the Lord
  Elijah.PDF E-Li-Jah! C A story of faith (with a nod to Hank Williams!)
  Life.PDF  Lord of My Life C On my own, I'd foul things up every time.
  Lords.PDF We Are the Lord's C Reliance on His promises.
  Mock.PDF See How They Mock C 1 Peter 3
  Narrow Way.PDF The Narrow Way C People and institutions can stray
  Praise.PDF Praise His Name C Attributes and names of God.
  Psycho.PDF Psychoheresy   "Christian Psychology" has its effects on church
  Ravens.PDF Ravens C Are we missing out by choosing rationalism over faith?
  Thank.PDF Thank-You For the Trials L After all, do we grow much in good times?
  Word.PDF Take It To The Word C

Choose: traditions & scholars or the Word.

  The Way.PDF The Way C There are ways that SEEM right and good...

[Note: My chord sheets are generally formatted thusly:
Chords:            G        C        D
Verse 1:    LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa
Verse 2:    DumDeDumDeDum

Chords:        D    C    G
Verse 1:    TraLaTraLa
Verse 2:    ShaNaShaa