These are things that we hope will help you to be discerning, remember verses, and evangelize.
The files are in PDF format; please be patient, they will load if you have Acrobat reader (if you do not, see the HOME page of this site for a link.)


Print on cardstock and cut out, OR use parchment or colored paper and laminate (or cover with clear Contac paper.) Most will print best on a color printer (the "Jesus" bookmark has been left for you to color.)

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armor.jpg (47300 bytes)    berean.jpg (33641 bytes)   defend.jpg (70267 bytes)   salvation.jpg (42982 bytes)   childtruthbkmk.jpg (25061 bytes)

       Armor                          Berean                                   Defend                                  Salvation             Children

discernment.jpg (45662 bytes)   flowers.jpg (19021 bytes)   handsbkmk.jpg (47004 bytes)   Jesusbkmk.jpg (54184 bytes)

  Discernment            Flowers               Handshake                                                  Jesus

Print on parchment paper. Color the fancy letter (or letters.) Tear or cut into desired shape. Mod Podge to wooden plaque.

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JesusPlaque.jpg (25544 bytes)   cheerfulheart.jpg (30564 bytes)   Hebrews12pl.jpg (91583 bytes)   Isaiahplaque.jpg (64529 bytes)

      Jesus Plaque                    Cheerful Heart                            Hebrews 12                                     Isaiah

Lord requires.jpg (67592 bytes)   Love is.jpg (87405 bytes)

      Lord Requires                      Love Is