BiblevsCatholic.PDF     Catholic doctrine vs the Bible.
CathTimetable.PDF    When various Catholic doctrines and practices began.
DisCovChart.PDF    Covenant and Dispensational theologies compared.
EndtimesCht.PDF   Simple flowchart of major end times events.
MARRIAGEcht.PDF   Marriage in the world vs marriage in the Bible.
RelCompCht.PDF   Doctrinal comparison of protestant denominations.
RevTimeline.PDF   Big file (1.8MB). A large chart of Revelation to cut and tape for banner.
SalvationCht.PDF      Single page about need for and God's provision for salvation.
Gate.PDF      Something to think about.
  Bulletin.PDF   A House Church Bulletin?
  DispensationChart.PDF   A reproduction of the chart found in Lindsey's "The Rapture"